Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Get back on my feet again..

So I think its time he gets a nickname. 

Playback - Joy Division tells me how he is scared of commitment (surprise?) and we should thus be just friends. Sigh boys, what makes them think they are so amazing that women automatically want a relationship with them?

But nevermind. Because Monday night I dump into the stunning young blonde man from last wednesday. And he talks to me. I am already positively surprised. 

And it gets better, because finally something goes my way. As it seems also he want to go for "Do it again and do it right".
To my surprise I find myself back in his room...

To be honest, he is very inexperienced. Not in a fumbling kind of way but in inability of telling the other person what you want. 

But I got things my way. Finally. And it gave me that strength to just leave the depressed state I have wandered in for weeks.

Sway Fatale is back on her feet, ready to create, even more disruption. 

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Teenage angst

To be honest. I havn't written as all I could have said would depress anyone. I have been a complete state of sadness, I blame it on my p-pills. 
And that Joy Division now seems to prioritise me just under "change lightbulb in storage room" and "hoover behind the refrigerator". 
It tears my confidence.

And evidently. Everyhting else goes wrong, for example, my sexy car is seriously broken.

Moreover I meet the hottest guy. Albeit a bit to young. But stunning. 
And I completely ruin all my chances there - Dramatically over-intoxicated I could not remember much. Anyhow it seems to have traumatised the poor boy. 

I have probably done one of the following things, or all of them

1. Dug my fingernails into his back
2. Told him to fuck me hard
3. Had scary nightmares

Add to that he had to do the worst walk of shame ever. Especially sad since when he did try to leave at night, but the irrational Sway wouldn't let him. 

So now I have failed with two hot blonde boys within ridiculously short interval. Angst and sad times.
So not a Femme Fatale at the moment..