Sunday, 15 February 2009

Planning Ahead

So I now plan to

Discretely get rid of Waterpologuy (I keep on making out with him at parties)
Go on a second brilliant but platonic date with African Prince
See if I can sleep with Beautiful Boy again, because I need good sex
Make Prince Charming kiss me at the ball on Saturday (Take it slooow)

I also just bought a fur coat. I am sure rocking up outside his door wearing only that and diamonds will help

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Circus Fatale

Mr Perfect has vanished from the earth's surface. 
I decided to be celibate for a while. Focus on studies and friends. After all the attractiveness of people here isn't breathtaking.

And then evidently they all start lining up.

I celebrated my "21st", not as in years but as in men. I was busy being celibate when i spot this Beautiful Boy on the dancefloor. I really was going to be good (see WaterPoloGuy). But I cannot remember the last time i was that turned on. Turns out I can still do one-night-stands, and do them well (4 times, boy didn't leave me until 1pm, the way I like it). Turns out I had forgotten sex could be so good without emotions.

Also there was WaterPoloGuy. I used to have a crush on this guy. Our friends try to set us up. We have now kissed twice. He has stayed here but I was still devoted to celibacy so it was just cuddles. He just seems to innocent for me though.

However, that would be well if another player hadn't stepped into the scene. 
Yes, Prince Charming suddenly has realised; he, likes, Fatale. We kissed and I slept in his arms (My plan is to for now avoid sex if there is any emotions involved). 
Basically he is The Ex's best friend. Its a politically very fragile situation with a far too many friendship bonds, but to kiss is a large step in the right/wrong direction considering apparently "everyone things we would make such a nice pair". 

What can a girl do? O Circus Fatale.

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Never goes well for Fatale does it

So I am a changed woman. I really want Mr. Perfect. Yet of course now that I have realised this he avoids me. I want to grow up get married and have little babies (really! em or almost), but he wants to focus on his finals. Why does he miss this chance? He asks me to never leave him and then he won't see me for a week! Isn't that a bit of playing on the risky side from his perspective?

I have also realised how impossible it must be to actually joining the mile high club. Made out with a young Brazilian man on a flight to Sao Paolo, and just that felt embarrassing. But lovely. O I cannot resist a man who asks if he may kiss me.

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Once again, Pardon my absence

I blame it on too much university work

But to the interesting bits.

So yes. I got bored with Kex quite rapidly. So I decided to go celibate.
That worked for a while. 

Until it turned out Mr. Perfect wasn't gay, didn't just want me for a friend. But rather suddenly at a party at his house (where the one writing was dressed up in a donkey costume and the subject for attention as a cow) we start to passionately make out and in a drunken moment of honesty he tells me that he really likes me, how I am the most beautiful girl he knows and that he'd marry me tomorrow.


And after a few days panic my stone heart is melting. He is lovely. And when its only the two of us he is certainly a lot more masculine. He now even stops being a gentleman in bed and something tells me he'll soon be making wonders, if you know what I mean...

Sunday, 9 November 2008

And it was all well

Where do I start?

The boy/man nicknamed Kex, did very much succeed in his seduction. Honestly, it was never brilliant, but a first time with a new lover rarely is. However he certainly is keen and teachable. It is quite intriguing. 


And oh, date with Mr. Perfect went well. We have made plans for dinner next. Have I ever met anyone so well-mannered? No. And he certainly was less camp when there was only me and him. The innocence in him following me home and me giving him a kiss on the cheek is adorable.

So boys out of the way. Mother and sister (age 14) was over. 
Selfridges provided excellent recreation. I now have a beautiful coat and some boots to prevent me from hypothermia. Brilliant. 

And food. Lately sex has been replaced by food. Of growing importance. I read cookbooks. I have started cooking again. Baking. Anything. 

So evidently I appreciated a visit to a beautiful countryside restaurant. The food was perfect. And the St Emilion my mother let me choose to accompany it - exquisite. 

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Pardon my absence

I blame it on my ppills. I have been a horrible sad person lately. And oh, sometimes manically happy. 
The Fresher now completely ignores me. Possibly because I turn into a lovestruck 14 yearold whenever he is around; a little crosseyed, drool a little and then I ask a multitude of very stupid questions. 

But its convenient for fancy someon you can't have. Because that prevents me for falling for anyone and getting into more emotional trouble.


I have a date tonight with a guy who has been trying very very to get into my pants since the first moment he met me.

And Friday a date with Mr Perfect. Sadly I am convinced he is a closet-gay.

Then My mother and sister arrives and I shall finally eat proper food and shop in proper stores.

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Get back on my feet again..

So I think its time he gets a nickname. 

Playback - Joy Division tells me how he is scared of commitment (surprise?) and we should thus be just friends. Sigh boys, what makes them think they are so amazing that women automatically want a relationship with them?

But nevermind. Because Monday night I dump into the stunning young blonde man from last wednesday. And he talks to me. I am already positively surprised. 

And it gets better, because finally something goes my way. As it seems also he want to go for "Do it again and do it right".
To my surprise I find myself back in his room...

To be honest, he is very inexperienced. Not in a fumbling kind of way but in inability of telling the other person what you want. 

But I got things my way. Finally. And it gave me that strength to just leave the depressed state I have wandered in for weeks.

Sway Fatale is back on her feet, ready to create, even more disruption.