Thursday, 4 December 2008

Once again, Pardon my absence

I blame it on too much university work

But to the interesting bits.

So yes. I got bored with Kex quite rapidly. So I decided to go celibate.
That worked for a while. 

Until it turned out Mr. Perfect wasn't gay, didn't just want me for a friend. But rather suddenly at a party at his house (where the one writing was dressed up in a donkey costume and the subject for attention as a cow) we start to passionately make out and in a drunken moment of honesty he tells me that he really likes me, how I am the most beautiful girl he knows and that he'd marry me tomorrow.


And after a few days panic my stone heart is melting. He is lovely. And when its only the two of us he is certainly a lot more masculine. He now even stops being a gentleman in bed and something tells me he'll soon be making wonders, if you know what I mean...

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