Sunday, 9 November 2008

And it was all well

Where do I start?

The boy/man nicknamed Kex, did very much succeed in his seduction. Honestly, it was never brilliant, but a first time with a new lover rarely is. However he certainly is keen and teachable. It is quite intriguing. 


And oh, date with Mr. Perfect went well. We have made plans for dinner next. Have I ever met anyone so well-mannered? No. And he certainly was less camp when there was only me and him. The innocence in him following me home and me giving him a kiss on the cheek is adorable.

So boys out of the way. Mother and sister (age 14) was over. 
Selfridges provided excellent recreation. I now have a beautiful coat and some boots to prevent me from hypothermia. Brilliant. 

And food. Lately sex has been replaced by food. Of growing importance. I read cookbooks. I have started cooking again. Baking. Anything. 

So evidently I appreciated a visit to a beautiful countryside restaurant. The food was perfect. And the St Emilion my mother let me choose to accompany it - exquisite. 

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