Friday, 5 September 2008

Autumn approaches

I have always loved autumn. Its colours and heavy rains. The lack of public displayal of affection (I hate spring). Storms.

It has been a heavy week with working late and an obvious emptiness with Object not sitting next to me (He starts to work in a different department on monday and is now on some course learning to wear a tie).
Some days I have been a pathetic walking wreck of rejection.

Yet yesterday he came over. I touched his soft skin to impregnate the memory of his scultured body. Avoided crying as we said our final goodbyes, but I felt that he cared. And content that I did actaully get to see him one final time without the world watching.

Now I need to move on. I am on the right track. I think I have finished crying over men I don't really want. We shall see.

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