Monday, 8 September 2008

Catching up for lost time

So, The Ex called and asked if I'd slept with anyone else. So, when he then first asks me "not to tell him if I do", what do you think I should answer. Without blinking I told him I hadn't. 

Same night I fucked the Joy Division. 

Such a boy, slim hips, fumbling but enthusiastic, lovely. Good nostalgic feeling to have sex on a boat (the French-American and I lived on a yacht..). All day he stroked my arm and gave me little kisses. Very very cute. No strings attached but still good laughs and care. This could be good.

I sound like a horrible person, really, I have fallen so hard for Object, but he cannot be mine.And the Joy Divison is no stranger in the dark, he is a lovely boy with the flirtiest smile.I cannot sit around at my parents house feeling sorry for myself. So yes, went sailing with the boys and night ended in a not so unexpected way.

Lets see it like this; Black Widow tries to make the best out of beautiful scandinavian men before leaving for England where she shall live like a nun.  

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