Monday, 1 September 2008

I hope they serve champagne in hell

I completely lack moral standards. I helped M hack her boyfriend's ex-girlfriend's email and Facebook account. With more brutal proof of what a egoistic liar he is (or has been, but that is irrelevant). 

We might go to hell but at least we stand by our actions. 

Moreover I'm on my second official date with midgettrader. As I am not into the whole Lord of the Rings thing I am now trying to find out something nice for a third date that will be very off-turning. Its fun but my sexual desires lies elsewhere...

Trivia: I have a bruise along my spine for having sex against a doorpost (in my living room/bedroom/closet, I am not an exhibitionist!). Its not as bad as the horisontal lines of copulating in a stairway..

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