Sunday, 28 September 2008

Feeling Beautiful

To celebrate my coming of age next week me and my sister headed for a night out. We started of at a nice trendy bar with amazing marvelous cocktails. So as we moved on and then found ourselves queuing. And the line moved us more and more backwards. However in contrast to all other eager girls we stood quite uninterested, we had already had a blast of a night and our lives wouldn't end if we didn't get in.
Then the guy holding the guestlist catches my eye. And we exchange smiles. My dearest sister soon has to point out to the oblivious me that he is flirting with Sway Fatale.
This has never happened to me, certainly not in my hometown; After the next smile he exchanges some words with the bouncer and we are moved right past the line into the night club. Simply for looking good.
Self confidence boost? Oh yes.

And of course. He was sexy. We might have exchanged some kisses. I feel like 18 again. Vibrant. Free.

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