Monday, 25 August 2008

I want to go out and flirt with all the fish in the sea. I want to party and do tequila shots (without ruingin my career). I want champagne to flourish and to dance away the night.
I am after all the capital of extraordinarily hot men.
 And of course, it is an investment for my future to extend my network. 

However, none of my friends seem at all interested. And instead I am wasting my time as youthful single longing for a man who probably doesn't give a fuck about me. And who I probably wouldn't care about if he wasn't so hard to get. 

But I don't know why. I'd like to stay longer. Maybe because I naively hope it will be better. Or because I slowly get to know myself quite well. 


Mother thinks I trying to date Midgettrader would definitely be a small price to pay for the comic value of the meet grandparents scene. 

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