Friday, 15 August 2008

The Ultimate List

I thought I'd give you a flash of truth. I don't mean as in my Sharon Stone impression yesterday though...

However I get asked how many men and women I have slept with and I thought this could provide some interesting reading.

16 men.
No women because when I finally dared to He came into the picture and fidelity was the thing back then. But I have a woman in mind for making number 17..

Here we go
  1. First Boyfriend - Although he was 21 he was ridiculously inexperienced and I spend too much time leaning back thinking of England
  2. X, First adventure - Fling with hot Australian during a family holiday.
  3. The older boyfriend - He was 25 and I was 18, to me he was very experienced and exciting. He was the ideal boyfriend, brilliant career in front of him, musically talented, polite and good-looking. However he was short and far to mature for this wild child.
  4. The skibum. At the time I thought I was really cool. We had sex in a public hottub outdoors in the middle of the night. It was good, but, I now find hot tubs a bit disgusting.
  5. The French-American. This is a brilliant story. I'll tell you about it when I have time. In short I moved onto his family-yacht the day after we met. We had ridiculous amounts of good sex and I took up the habit of smoking after copulation.
  6. Mushroom 1. The only one I ever would have titulated fuckbuddy. I was put-off the idea after this guy. He was 26 I was 19. He looked like 20 though. He quickly got boring (as I started seeing Mushroom 2). He saw my house, suddenly wanted a relationship. Goldigger, I dumped him by pretending I was going to Amsterdam when I was off to Paris. Then I texted him 3 weeks later saying I was staying in Holland.
  7. Mushroom 2. He had a fulltime job, was a fulltime student, and modelled. And he was very nice to me. I was really into him but fucked it up by playing hard to get. He had problems getting hard enough but I guess sex for once wasn't central in a relationship.
  8. Corridor incest #1. He had the smallest penis I have ever seen and he was quite inexperienced. I wasn't that bad but nothing to remember, oh except for that he appearently found me very sexy wearing pyamas shorts and a large band t-shirt, that's cute.
  9. Corridor incest #2. I really liked this boy. But sadly he was nothing more than a boy. Sex was lovely and he made me smile. Then his girlfriend showed up one day and of course he didn't keep his promise and break up with her. I hope she is still unhappy because I serisouly thought their relationship was over and then she turns up in my corridor, claiming back my almost-boyfriend and trying to turn all my friends against me.
  10. The Banker. To heal my broken heart I went to London to attend a party hosted by nr. 3 on this list. Sway meets hot swedish banker who takes her back to his place. Sex is good but he never calls. Then I sulked but now I know that is how life works.
  11. The French Exchange Student. Come on, everyone has slept with a visiting student. Mine was hot, spoke moderate English, was ok in bed (I was jsut very happy to get anything, had been far too long), and left early in the morning. We both promised to call but neither made an effort to exchange numbers. A good one-night-stand.
  12. The footballer. Amazing body. I don't like tattoos but his were just perfection. He was a former UK Premier League Goalkeeper who's career had ended prematurely. Sex on the beach and a lot in the hostel shower.
  13. Mushroom #3. Thought I would die when I found out this boy had the same name as 6 and 7. This however was the perfect one night stand. We actually had sex in his hostel bed. But he was amazingly talented, not experienced I think just a natural. And stunningly beautiful.
  14. The friend. This guy was one of my best friends. We felt more but didn't know what so we started sleeping with eachother. It healed many heartwounds even though he was very inexperienced. If I broke his heart I'm sorry.
  15. He. Sex with him was always amazing. Especially as it was the longest time I have ever spent with anyone, after some time he knew exactly what to do in bed.
  16. The object. I have never been so turned on by anyone in my life. He is very experienced with an amazing body - I think this can develop into a very memorable experience.

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