Saturday, 23 August 2008

Memory Error

I didn't know what to expect form an office party. Boring IT people finding me the perfect person to talk with, drunk people in their 40s on their one night out a year, general embarrassing debauchery. 

Yet no. It turned out a lot better. 

End up opposite a senior investor. Who chose finance because he read American Psycho. I loved him from the first minute. Night goes as planned and networking is amazing. Everyone at the table thinks I am smart funny and attractive. 

The free bar worries me as my plan is to stay quite sober until about 1. But I certainly enjoy myself. At 12 I send an epic text to M "I'm hanging out with a trader, he is almost a midget, hilar" 
Evidently I am now getting more drunk. But I also hang around the bar with a large group of cool traders. Especially the one who is almost a head shorter than me. Brilliant.

Someone from my department starts singing Careoke. I order a double vodka, I squeze a lime into the glass to survive and move to the next level and avoid being embarrassed for other people. 

Midgettrader has many vodka shots in front of him. I get full respect for downing it without any problems (The only thing I learnt at Uni). I get another one. And then I cannot remember much. 

We move onto a nightclub, someone pays my cover, buys me a drink. Think it was Midget Trader. We we're dangerously close to making out. Just for banter from my side. 

Taxi home. Paid for by midget trader after I say no to an after party at his flat. 

Wake up the next morning with 7 missed calls from Object who ended up outside my door but me too fast asleep to hear him knocking. Damn. 

To relieve me of the angst of having had a good time but perhaps ruined my career in some way I cannot remember I borrow 4 books at the library that I probably will never read. Then I walk around the island. Its a mile. 
I'm even more tired now and more drinking starts in 40 minutes. Lets hope I don't meet anyone from yesterday. I am not ready for that yet.

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