Sunday, 17 August 2008


I don't think I have really slept yet. I continued my horrible streak of absent confidence and called the Object as I left the nightclub at 3.10 AM. He was still out but didn't seem too hate me for calling. 4.20 AM He calls asking for my address as he is getting into a cab and coming over here. 


We have sex for hours. Then we pass out and then we have sex again. Just as we are on our way to go back to sleep he realises its 10am and he was supposed to meet his brother at 9 (some people never learn). Still. Sex is getting good. I love his body and the way he is experienced. 

I love the way he pulls my hair but as I am a fake-blonde with a passion for hairspray I might have to ask him to dominate me in some other way or I will soon be bald. But hmm, small price to pay for being fucked like you are the sexiest girl in the world... 

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