Sunday, 3 August 2008

Up to date..

8.50. Sway is already unbelievably horny and sends Object indecent emails
14.05. Sway and Him breaks up
17.50. Sway pushes object up against the wall in the elevator leaving work and makes out. 

Unfortunately we only work at the 4th floor..

Since then. Very indecent emails. 
Confusion leading to me rejecting nocturnal invites due to a vague feeling I have enough guilt in my body already.

Friday. He arrives in the country, I go to my parents house on the westcoast where I am going to spend my 1 week vacation and he joins me. . Its bi-polar. Tears. Then laughter. Then cuddle. Little sex (although clearly not a s good as it used to be..). Confusion. 

I tell him final decision will be made on Wednesday. But to me its clear.

I am a very horrible person. He will only be my friend. 

Object's parents live in the area. He comes to visit them on Friday. O yes. Now I have no doubts, He shall be my new lover. 

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