Sunday, 24 August 2008

The Twisted Banter (Never politically correct)

I suggest to my mother, who thinks I should exploit the fish in the sea, that I should go on a date with midget trader (Trader at my work who flirted with me at office party despite being a head shorter than me).

 So that I can find out if his feet actually touch the ground when he sits at his desk...
And you know he is from a good family and we must have something in common as we spoke for ages at the party (I cannot remember about what though).
I further conclude that it would be excellent making him meet my grandparents on my father's side. My grandmother means well but formulates herself in a hilarious way, if you have been at the hairdresser she will say 
"O but I thought you looked so good before"
 If she finds your new trousers unique its said by a 
"O what strange trousers you are wearing"
And her classic is 
"Is this really the way you are supposed to look nowadays".

I could hear her say to Midgettrader 

"O, is this how short men are nowadays"

My grandfather would continue the distaster with one of his classic anecdotes. And having no sense of appropriate conversations he would probably start telling anyone interested in listening (which tends to be meet-the-family-dates as they do not know it gets quite boring) about the midgets that worked in his parents theater. 

It would be a modern classic. 

Talking to M we really started to find this poor man very very cute. She thinks I should ask him out, just for Banter of course, I have learnt for experience not to date men because they are cute. Partly because I have much respect for Tucker Max, who actually slept with a real little person .

But It doesn't end there. My mother suggests now that I could cover Backoffice and trading. I should up my game, aim for the senior investor that adored me at the party, to later round of with one of the company owners. Its what they call a career ladder. 

I think I'll pass, but I am now a happy girl in a world of opportunities. Even if some of them are 15 cm smaller than average.

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